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Eamon in the University server room

Eamon in the University server room.

For my monthly feature in Universiteitskrant Groningen I wander around in University buildings, looking for people whose job is often overlooked. The photo above you can find in the first issue of 2013, what happens to be the last printed edition. The Universiteitskrant decided to surf the wave of the digital age and future issues will be available digitally only.

Photographed is Eamon Nerbonne, software developer in the Donalds Smits Centre for Information Technology. He is working on the student- and study-informationsystem ‘Progress.NET’. In the background you see the servers on which ‘Progress’ is running. What you don’t see on the photo is the tremendous noise and heat coming from the computers!

Notice the differences and similarities with the previous photo for ‘Wout kijkt’. Over the past few decades our information systems have changed quite a bit.

UK1 (Wout kijkt: Eamon Nerbonne)

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