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This is the first photo for a returning section in Universiteitskrant Groningen called ‘Wout Kijkt’ (translates to something like ‘Wout Sees’), for which I portray employees of the University of Groningen.

Ákos Kovács

Ákos Kovács inspects biofilms under the stereomicroscope. Groningen, the Netherlands.

Ákos Kovács (35) is a postdoctoral researcher at the research-group Molecular Genetics. In the Centre of Life-sciences he investigates the development of biofilm by the bacterium Bacillus subtilis. A biofilm is a colony of bacteria that have attached themselves to a surface.

Ákos is interested in the genes involved in development of such a biofilm. To be able to study this, the investigated bacterium is genetically modified in such a way that a ‘special’ protein is being produced. This protein originates from a jellyfish and exhibits green fluorescence when exposed to blue light. Exactly this property allows Ákos to study the biofilm.

“A great feature of the microscope used here”, Ákos says, “is the possibility to create time-lapse videos”. A developing biofilm can be followed for some days and be displayed in a few seconds. In this way you can exactly see in what stage of development the biofilm starts exhibiting fluorescence.

Wout kijkt: Ákos Kovács

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The research-group Molecular Genetics in Groningen is specialized in examining the genetics of microbes at macro- and microscopic levels. The ‘iGEM team Groningen’ which has recently won the ‘2012 iGEM World Championship Jamboree’ was supervised by Molecular Genetics members.

Joris van Alphen did a great job in starting this photoseries, take a look at his website!

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