No place like home at -12 C

No place like home at -12 C

His head was red, indicating a significant increase of blood in his head. Above him a massive green chair (second hand). An assistant is pushing on the other side to change orientation of the chair. NOPE, it doesn’t fit through the staircase in this way either…

Generally this is a good start for a photo involving the green chair. Some people might say ‘nothing worth having comes easy’.

Eventually the chair (or the staircase) surrendered and the journey could continue to the location of the photo-shoot. This park I like a lot and is the decor for more photos: a photo featuring the green chair again and a photo in the pond.

Big thanks for my model and assistant who not only had to carry a heavy chair, but also had to endure -12 C while I was not the fastest man on earth with this twisted ankle 😉

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