After 5 years of posting photos on my photoblog, I felt the need for a different format. Something with quickly accessible portfolios and a more elaborated section where I can radiate my brainwaves into the universe; also called a blog by some individuals. I’m still in the process of updating my portfolios and personal information, but slowly by slowly I hope to reach a point of completion. Stay tuned!

My old photoblog won’t be updated anymore. If you are still interested in the photos I posted there between 2006 and 2011, it can be found here.

I’m very pleased with the comments received about the Noorderlicht exhibition and the current one in Doetinchem. The facebook page where I will post ‘behind the scenes’ material of the exhibited photos. Press that precious like button and get access to the awesome amazing ‘making of’ footage..!! the future…somewhere a bit later than now…

Interview in the University Newspaper of Groningen (UK)

Photo by me in "UP" magazine

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