the Last days of Adam

Time for an ‘oldie’ that I didn’t publish online yet. In 2011 this photo was exhibited at the Gruitpoort as part of ‘the Last days of Adam’ series. It was shot at the central station in Groningen. For this shot I was standing half-way on the street, so had to watch my back for approaching cars. I don’t think the cars had a problem noticing me however, cause I’ve never seen so many faces looking at us strangely. Nothing special, an old man with some bags of dirt standing still on the road, right?

Normally I always make a photo in a single exposure and try to keep everything as ‘real’ as possible, without post-processing other than color-correction. This time however, I didn’t manage to capture the man AND light-trails perfectly while the cars were driving past me. I preferred to look behind me and protect myself and tripod while shooting the light-trails 😉 To be able to pay full attention to the ‘old man’, these shots were made when the streets were more quiet. The multiple exposures were combined in photoshop.

the Last days of Adam

the Last days of Adam (single exposure)

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  1. bert says:

    Don’t worry Wout – people always keep looking and trying to figure out what’s going on!