idea chainsaw

Some experimenting during shoot of 'idea'

This post is linked to a project I worked on last year, together with director Saskia Jeulink. The result was a photoserie named ιδέα which was featured on the satelite program of the Noorderlicht International Photofestival.

The concept of the ‘idea’ photoseries is based on the ‘allegory of the cave’ from Plato. In this theory he describes that the world as we perceive it, is merely a reflection of the real world. We wanted to photograph people at the moment they get confronted with this reality.

While we were shooting the photo of the man working in a barn, we suddenly found a chainsaw lying around and decided to go for some additional fun: ‘I know what you did last summer in Texas chainsaw massacre’ photos!

takeout from the idea series

Some experimenting during shoot of 'idea'

I’d like to give you a little peek behind the scenes:
For the idea series Saskia came up with the concept, did the styling and gave directions to the models. I was in charge of photography (suprisingly..).

The setup was as follows:
The camera was tethered to the laptop so Saskia could immediately see the photos taken. The main light was a strobe in a 80×80 softbox (with improvised white plastic thing to keep some light off the ceiling). I wanted an eery atmosphere with lots of shadow on the subject, so the softbox was lighting his back, keeping shadow in the face. Additionally 2 bare flashes with gobo were used to light the hay/spiderwebs/stuff hanging from the ceiling.

Setup for this photo

The setup for the 'idea' barn photo

Check out the video below to see the effect of the softbox on the subject. (BTW: Don’t mind the crappy quality, photographing & filming at the same time is not a good plan 8) ).

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