idea chainsaw

Some experimenting during shoot of 'idea'

This post is linked to a project I worked on last year, together with director Saskia Jeulink. The result was a photoserie named ιδέα which was featured on the satelite program of the Noorderlicht International Photofestival.

The concept of the ‘idea’ photoseries is based on the ‘allegory of the cave’ from Plato. In this theory he describes that the world as we perceive it, is merely a reflection of the real world. We wanted to photograph people at the moment they get confronted with this reality.

While we were shooting the photo of the man working in a barn, we suddenly found a chainsaw lying around and decided to go for some additional fun: ‘I know what you did last summer in Texas chainsaw massacre’ photos!

takeout from the idea series

Some experimenting during shoot of 'idea'

I’d like to give you a little peek behind the scenes:
For the idea series Saskia came up with the concept, did the styling and gave directions to the models. I was in charge of photography (suprisingly..).

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No place like home at -12 C

No place like home at -12 C

His head was red, indicating a significant increase of blood in his head. Above him a massive green chair (second hand). An assistant is pushing on the other side to change orientation of the chair. NOPE, it doesn’t fit through the staircase in this way either…

Generally this is a good start for a photo involving the green chair. Some people might say ‘nothing worth having comes easy’.

Eventually the chair (or the staircase) surrendered and the journey could continue to the location of the photo-shoot. This park I like a lot and is the decor for more photos: a photo featuring the green chair again and a photo in the pond.

Big thanks for my model and assistant who not only had to carry a heavy chair, but also had to endure -12 C while I was not the fastest man on earth with this twisted ankle 😉

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Male barn owl photographed by Joris van Alphen

Male barn owl photographed by Joris van Alphen

It was a sunny afternoon, 15th of July 2011. A thrunk filled with camera gear, thermos with coffee and Booka Shade vibrating through the air. In a little blue car Joris and I are heading down the highway towards France. Goal: photographing a Barn Owl.

In the past we’ve made a photo about violence together and this time I joined Joris on his adventure to capture a Barn Owl in flight. A small look behind the scenes:

Where do you expect to find a Barn Owl? Exactamento. In a barn. Luckily Joris happened to know a barn in Autreppes. There was a small window in the barn through which the owl could enter and exit. If the owl was going to fly out that night we should be able to capture him on chip at that spot.

Camera was put on a tripod. Camera remote controller attached. Nice composition was made. Flashes were setup in softboxes and other diffusers. All LED lights on the flashes were taped, so it wouldn’t scare the owl. Test test test with the remote control. All set!

At dusk we settled in our secret hideout spot and waited for the owl; Joris with the remote control held firmly in his hands. And waited.. and waited…. and waited……. Staring at the window in the barn. Did I see something moving?? And waited.. and waited…
We decided to play some owl sounds to attract him. And waited.. and waited…

Everything happened in a split second. The moment we were about to give up, a bright white Barn Owl appeared, Joris quickly pressed the remote control and the camera was triggered! ……..a bit too early……. When we retreived the camera we saw that only a wing was captured…

Slightly disappointed, but exited I went to bed. Sure next time would do better!

The field station of Centro de Conservación Cetacea, Chili; photographed by Joris van Alphen

When you check out his website you’ll see Joris managed to capture the owl with infra-red triggers. He made a great photo series which secured his nomination for the National Geographic Emerging Nature Photographer Award. Which he has won after a final round in Burgers Bush!! Congrats Joris!

He has just returned from Chili to document a blue whale conservation project for the Dutch National Geographic Magazine, so keep an eye on his blog!



After 5 years of posting photos on my photoblog, I felt the need for a different format. Something with quickly accessible portfolios and a more elaborated section where I can radiate my brainwaves into the universe; also called a blog by some individuals. I’m still in the process of updating my portfolios and personal information, but slowly by slowly I hope to reach a point of completion. Stay tuned!

My old photoblog won’t be updated anymore. If you are still interested in the photos I posted there between 2006 and 2011, it can be found here.

I’m very pleased with the comments received about the Noorderlicht exhibition and the current one in Doetinchem. The facebook page where I will post ‘behind the scenes’ material of the exhibited photos. Press that precious like button and get access to the awesome amazing ‘making of’ footage..!! the future…somewhere a bit later than now…

Interview in the University Newspaper of Groningen (UK)

Photo by me in "UP" magazine

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Noorderlicht exhibition Groningen

"Idea" Noorderlicht exhibition in Kunstencentrum Groningen

On september 11th 16.00 h, the temperature in the basement of the Kunstencentrum Groningen started to reach tropical levels. Not just because the subjects on the photographs displayed were so hot, but it was getting quite crowded as well. I really enjoyed the afternoon and would like to thank everybody who came to the opening (or checked out the exhibition later ofcourse). Some of the models were also present, which gave me the impression that some photos came to life (don’t know if this is a good sign though..).

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I’m very excited to announce that my photos will be featured at the Noorderlicht International Photo Festival!

I’d like to invite you all to the opening of the noorderlicht exhibition!

In this group-exhibition 12 photos by me and Saskia Jeulink are on display.
The exhibition is part of the satellite program of the Noorderlicht International Photo Festival!

Noorderlicht exhibition Wout Overkamp

Official opening: September 11th 16:00 hrs.
Exhibition lasts till October 9th.

Walstraat 23, Groningen

Hope to see you there!

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