Wout kijkt: Wim Braakman

Wim Braakman in the University Library

For the December issue of Wout Kijkt, my monthly feature for Universiteitskrant Groningen, I photographed Wim Braakman, who works at the University Library.

Wout kijkt: Wim Braakman

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This is the first photo for a returning section in Universiteitskrant Groningen called ‘Wout Kijkt’ (translates to something like ‘Wout Sees’), for which I portray employees of the University of Groningen.

Ákos Kovács

Ákos Kovács inspects biofilms under the stereomicroscope. Groningen, the Netherlands.

Ákos Kovács (35) is a postdoctoral researcher at the research-group Molecular Genetics. In the Centre of Life-sciences he investigates the development of biofilm by the bacterium Bacillus subtilis. A biofilm is a colony of bacteria that have attached themselves to a surface.

Ákos is interested in the genes involved in development of such a biofilm. To be able to study this, the investigated bacterium is genetically modified in such a way that a ‘special’ protein is being produced. This protein originates from a jellyfish and exhibits green fluorescence when exposed to blue light. Exactly this property allows Ákos to study the biofilm.

“A great feature of the microscope used here”, Ákos says, “is the possibility to create time-lapse videos”. A developing biofilm can be followed for some days and be displayed in a few seconds. In this way you can exactly see in what stage of development the biofilm starts exhibiting fluorescence.

Wout kijkt: Ákos Kovács

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The research-group Molecular Genetics in Groningen is specialized in examining the genetics of microbes at macro- and microscopic levels. The ‘iGEM team Groningen’ which has recently won the ‘2012 iGEM World Championship Jamboree’ was supervised by Molecular Genetics members.

Joris van Alphen did a great job in starting this photoseries, take a look at his website!

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The Haunted Pumpkin

Last weekend I went to the party supply store to buy some smoke tablets for an upcoming shoot. I’ve rarely seen the store more crowded than that afternoon. Only when somebody entered his pin-number to pay for some fake blood I realized that all the people were shopping for Halloween. Zombie masks, dracula teeth, witch noses.. The grocery store immediately came to my mind. Buy a pumpkin. A nice pumpkin…to eat. Well.. long story short: that evening I didn’t eat pumpkin. Something was wrong with the pumpkin.

(PS. Can you guess what lighting setup was used?)

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The last days of Adam

The last days of Adam

I’m very pleased to announce an exhibition of my work in Museum Gallery “Rosmolen”.

The series “The last days of Adam” and “Idea” will be on display and have been featured last year at a satellite exhibition of the Noorderlicht International Photo Festival. The photos are produced in cooperation with Saskia Jeulink.

The exhibition will be on 8th and 9th September 2012. The location is quite unusual: an old horse mill founded in 1546. It is rebuilt in 1974 and is still working every now and then!

The museum is open from 11.00 – 17.00h and can be found at: Bovendorpsstraat 21, 7038CH, Zeddam.

Hope to see you there!

Some photos of the exhibition.

Rosmolen Exhibition Wout Overkamp

Rosmolen Exhibition Wout Overkamp

Rosmolen Exhibition Wout Overkamp



the Last days of Adam

Time for an ‘oldie’ that I didn’t publish online yet. In 2011 this photo was exhibited at the Gruitpoort as part of ‘the Last days of Adam’ series. It was shot at the central station in Groningen. For this shot I was standing half-way on the street, so had to watch my back for approaching cars. I don’t think the cars had a problem noticing me however, cause I’ve never seen so many faces looking at us strangely. Nothing special, an old man with some bags of dirt standing still on the road, right?

Normally I always make a photo in a single exposure and try to keep everything as ‘real’ as possible, without post-processing other than color-correction. This time however, I didn’t manage to capture the man AND light-trails perfectly while the cars were driving past me. I preferred to look behind me and protect myself and tripod while shooting the light-trails 😉 To be able to pay full attention to the ‘old man’, these shots were made when the streets were more quiet. The multiple exposures were combined in photoshop.

the Last days of Adam

the Last days of Adam (single exposure)

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The perfect holiday II

Part II in "The perfect holiday" series

I’m a big fan of staged photography. Arriving at an inspiring location. Taking position. Framing. Setting up lights. Taking time to fine-tune the complete scene to the last detail. Then finally, pressing that button. The flashes fire and for a moment shorter than a millisecond your fantasy comes to life. At the same time that moment is immortalized by the camera. Voilá, an addictive formula: the possibility of making reality from the picture in your head. Bringing fantasies to life!

My favorites are deceptive photos. Photos with a different story than what seems on first sight. Photos that look idyllic, but raise questions when studied further. Then you might discover that perhaps the very same photo is not so idyllic after all…

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I think the experience of most photos is enhanced by an accompanying text. A description puts a photo in its context. Some photos however, are destroyed by a description. Enlarge the photo above, slow down and make your own story.

Thanks Sophie for pressing the shutter release button!
[Click for a photo behind the scenes..]

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